My Love Affair with Romance and Poetry

My Love Affair with Romance and Poetry

Aleigha Reading Poetry

First, a quick update on why I’ve posted so few blogs in the past year. Aside from not wanting to bore everyone to death.  🙄😘

In October, 2018 the 😇 angel on my shoulder must have blinked when I had a bad accident on the first day of vacation😢.  I suffered severe fractures of five thoracic vertebrae, herniated a slew of new discs, and crushed my right shoulder. Yes, I’m right-handed, so couldn’t write or type, or move my arm for many months. I’m facing more difficult surgeries soon. Then I suffered a stroke on January 1, 2019. Yada, yada, yada.

These months of recovery severely curtailed writing efforts with the exception of slow, steady work on my poetry book: Embrace The World, Four Seasons of Love. Many of you already know that I write poetry. I’ve been writing and publishing poetry for over four decades. I’m happy to announce my poetry collection celebrating the many seasons of love and loss is available now in eBook and paperback on Amazon. The book also includes beautiful color photographs from two exceptional photographers.

To say it’s been a difficult 17 months is an understatement. I’m a testament to hanging tough!

As we all know, the pursuit of love and human connection is a messy business filled with gentle touches, breathless sighs, break-ups, realities we’d rather ignore, and lush, haunting dreams. All of which will be found on these pages.

To launch this collection of poetry I’m running a Raffle-copter give-away with a few prizes. (Scroll Down)

So what have I learned? First, don’t fall off a boat onto a concrete dock! Second, you can accomplish things even when it seems impossible. Maybe not what you had planned or wanted to do, but you might be surprised at the unexpected opening you’ll find. That’s the challenge in life, find another path, another goal, even if it is less than what you wanted. Third, because there must be a third, “Never give up, never surrender – not even Dorothy!” 💃👠👠

May you all enjoy a love filled Valentine’s Day and a year filled with health and happiness.

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