Where in the world has Aleigha been?

Where in the world has Aleigha been?

I am so sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth for over a month now. I do have a very reasonable explanation.

First, I must say that my life has taken a strange turn down a dark and twisted path. Doesn’t this sound like Snoopy (writer extraordinaire from the Peanuts comic strip,) sitting at his typewriter? I feel a bit like Pigpen with a constant dust cloud of chaos swirling around my head, but with a few bolts of lightning flashing every so often as well. Some of my friends might tell you this is nothing new.

A quick rundown of the saga follows. Some of you may remember a post about five weeks ago where I mentioned that I’d developed a case of shingles in my right eye.

Little did I know this was just the tip of the insanity. Oh, and during all this my flooring throughout the house was being replaced, requiring me to live somewhere else for a few weeks. Also meaning that everything was packed up in boxes – over 150 boxes! Worse than moving.

We stayed with Lizbeth, my husband’s accounting assistant and her little dog, Toby McGee. Strider forgot his bed so he decided to claim Toby’s. “Look, Mom, I fit!”

Then, on Mother’s Day I spent about 8 hours in an emergency room bed with an acute case of sinusitis, excruciating migraine, and drooping eye and cheek that looked like I’d had a stroke. Thank goodness, no stroke, but the shingles may have triggered the severe sinus infection, or possibly even traveled into the sinus cavity. These are not Mother’s Day flowers but a get-well bouquet.


Then…one week after my ER visit, I was there again. This time for my husband who spectacularly crashed his bicycle. Without this life-preserving helmet his injuries would have been far worse. As it was, he sustained nine upper area rib fractures, a fractured sternum, a punctured lung, concussion, and multiple nasty contusions, abrasions, and a few puncture wounds. The hospital he’d been taken to transferred him, by ambulance, about eight hours later to a trauma hospital about twenty-five minutes further south. Anything to make my commute more difficult.

I spent the next couple of days at the hospital every day, with Strider in tow. Every time dad got warming blankets, the nurses brought a few warm blankets for Strider as he maintained a vigilant eye on the patient.

After a few days in hospital Robert came home for tending by nurse Ratchet! Me. I won’t complain about how much work it takes, well maybe a wee bit, changing beds twice a day due to wound drainage, forty-five minutes for each bandage change, again twice a day, three meals a day, plus, plus, plus. At least I had dog assistants in the sick room. The little white dog is Toby McGee, who comes to visit regularly. Strider’s a bit miffed that Toby is on the bed.

And in this midst of all this, I received the first pass-through from the editor. My deadline to get it back to her is Monday. Yikes!!! But I think I’ll make it. Send good writer wishes into the universe for me. I can’t wait for you to read my next book, My San Francisco Highlander, which, if I make the deadlines, will come out the end of August.

Drat, no cover art to share yet, but expect to see that in July. If you are curious, you can check my Pinterest Board where I’ve created a story-board with images relating to the story. https://www.pinterest.com/aleighasiron/my-san-francisco-highlander/

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