It’s all about the eyes… #GivingThanks #Giveaway

It’s all about the eyes… #GivingThanks #Giveaway

It’s all about the eyes.

As every writer will tell you, the eyes play an essential role in portraying characters’ emotions and behaviors in a story. Every shade of emotion: interest, boredom, disbelief, concern, joy, hate, disappointment, excitement, and a hundred more, are all revealed through the eyes. Romance writers are very savvy about the eyes: the sly glance, the hooded gaze, hot or heated stare, eyes flashing with anger, the insouciant wink, the furrowed brow above cautious eyes, etc., etc.

I would venture that everyone can quote at least half a dozen eye aphorisms in the blink of an eye. Here are a few others you might recognize: the eye is the window to the soul, an eye for an eye, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, keep your eye on the ball, like being in the eye of a hurricane, let every eye negotiate for itself and trust no agent. Who can identify the author of that last one? How many more might you add?

But this tome isn’t about the romance writer’s descriptive use of eyes, or the familiar clichés, but rather about the real and present decline of my vision.

I’ve mentioned it on occasion, and don’t wish to belabor the causes (which result from several conditions,) but to bring you along on my journey that begins at 5:15 am on November 8th. That’s check-in at the hospital. The procedure I’ll undergo in the morning is called a vitrectomy. I’ll be at the hospital from four to five hours and then home, if all goes well.

I’d like to embark on this journey with some levity over the whole situation. Since I don’t write comedy, and I find humor the hardest to write both in dialogue and in character development, I’ve set this as a challenge to myself. So, let’s begin there.

Check out the “comfort” solutions for recovery at this webpage.

We were supposed to receive this equipment last week, but it was delivered to the wrong address and came late. Thus, spending time trying out the equipment in all locations, isn’t going to happen.

My husband and I grappled with this “easy to assemble” package for over two hours before I’d had enough and came back to the computer. These devices will no doubt offer some relief, but once we had the chair together, we fidgeted with the head device until I gave up and resorted to the new bucky neck pillow which was one of several hilarious items included in a gag birthday present. I found that provided the most comfortable support in the face down position that I must remain in 24/7 for anywhere from two to six weeks.

So far, none of this sounds very funny, but I assure you I’ve had a few laughs about it over the past few days and I promise more to come. Unfortunately, I’ve over extended my birthday celebrations and other essential items needing my attention, all far more important than torture device assembling and writing about the event, leaving this document as the last item on my list. A bit of procrastination in the face of terror! Funny pictures to come later! ?

Here’s a web link for those who want to read more detail about the procedure and causes.

And while I’m face down, literally, I wanted to give thanks for all of you! I hope you’ll enter the Rafflecopter giveaway and please share it with your friends. I’ll be drawing winners as soon as I’m upright! 😀


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  1. Oil, huh? I got lucky and had the gas… wish you were able to follow suit! If you need anything from an experienced hand, don’t hesitate to reach out (or have your husband do it). This sucks and I’m wishing you nothing but the easiest procedure and as close to full vision at the end as I’ve got. Best of luck!!!

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